Bakuchiol: the natural alternative to retinol


Bakuchiol is a monoterpene obtained from natural sources that is used as a functional analog of retinol. Its use is recommended as an ingredient that has antioxidant, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, among others. In addition, it can act as an emollient. Today, Bakuchiol is widely used as a component of cosmetic preparations that have anti-aging effects and is slowly displacing retinol from this role.

The natural alternative to retinol

Not only is it a natural alternative to retinol, it has far fewer side effects. Products with retinol and its derivatives, the so-called retinoids, applied directly to the skin have unwanted effects such as redness or a burning sensation.

The technical department of FarmaQuímica Sur has prepared a complete monograph on the properties of Bakuchiol.

Download the bakuchiol monograph

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