For Farmaquimicasur, the development and innovation of research is our day to day.
The continuous search of the optimization of resources and the development of new formulas, means that we have a specialized team working in R+D+i

We divide the R+D+i into 3 classes:

1. Basic research

Basic research is any study or original work that aims to acquire new scientific knowledge, analyze properties, structures and relationships in order to formulate hypotheses, theories and laws. Basically “we discovered”

2. Applied research

The applied research starts from the original works developed in basic research, but with the aim of acquiring new knowledge oriented to a specific practical objective, in this stage our scientists or technicians “invent”

3. Technological development

Technological development includes the use of the knowledge acquired in applied research for the production of raw materials. In this stage, the company has acquired the knowledge “Know How” and develops the prototypes of the products.